A Little About Me

I’m a 39 year old Dubliner with a passion for wandering around new and unfamiliar places with my camera in hand. Like many people reading this blog, I work full time and am busy with my family. This does not stop me travelling abroad several times a year to explore and photograph new destinations. Most of the time, I travel with my wife and our three year old son; sometimes I take short trips alone, especially if photography is the main aim of the trip. Thankfully there are lots of interesting places around Europe that are a only short flight from Dublin airport.

My home city of Dublin.

Having a young son also gives me the chance to rediscover my own country all over again as I help him discover all the interesting and historic places in our vibrant home city of Dublin and around the beautiful green island of Ireland. Being a dad is also making my hair become slightly greyer each year but I’m willing to let that go. I come from a long line of follically challenged men so I’m just happy to have hair at all.

Getting into Photography

Early Morning in Venice

I took up photography a little later in life during a trip to Andalusia where we visited friends from the port city of Malaga. It was during this trip that my good friend José showed me the basics of photography with my little Olympus compact camera. From this point on I was hooked. On my return to Ireland, I joined a photography club and spent years learning as much as I could about using my camera and post processing. I studied some great travel photographers like David Noton who was a big influence on my photography.

Luckily for me, travel and photography go together like Ryanair and excess baggage charges.Today, my favourite type of photography is urban landscape. I love photographing cities and architecture during the evening blue hour and at the crack of dawn in particular. I love cities before sunrise. Often, you have the whole place to yourself. I also enjoy shooting natural landscapes from time to time too. Ireland provides no shortage of stunning locations in this regard. You can visit my Fine Art America web store here. Prints of my photos can be purchased online and posted worldwide.

One thing you won’t find here is lots of articles about photography gear. I firmly believe that the most important element in creating an excellent photo is the person holding the camera. I’m far more interested in the final product, the photograph itself. My gear consists of one digital SLR camera body,  a wide angle and a mid range lens, a sturdy tripod and a few neutral density filters. I find that many photographers get wrapped up in the equipment side of things rather than the art of photography itself. What interests me most are the locations, the subjects, the light in the scene and the composition. The equipment used is the tool to achieve your creative vision. It’s important but it’s the creative vision that really makes the photo.

My Interest in Travel

My desire to travel was piqued as a child when I would see photos of my grandad in various exotic places on the walls of his old Dublin house. As a child, I loved watching Michael Palin’s travel programmes on the BBC. I was always fascinated by all of the strange (to me) and wonderful paces he visited and people he met during his epic trips. I was lucky enough to meet him at a book signing in Dublin many years later. It was the first time in my life I was genuinely starstruck. I was barely able to mutter a few garbled words. This is despite him being a very ordinary and down to earth man. I just was stunned to see in person the man I’d spent hours watching travelling all over the globe.  My wife (rightly) mocked me mercilessly for this.

As a teenager, I began to read Michael Palin’s books that accompanied the series. This lead to me on to reading some other great travel authors such as Peter MoorePaul Therouxand the brilliantly witty Bill Bryson. I knew then that one of my biggest aims in life would be to travel and see as many of the places I had read about for myself.


About the Blog

I started this blog as way of combining my twin loves of travel and photography. The blog contains a mix of photo location guides, photo ideas and photography tutorials. Travelers with an interest in improving their photography skills will find the blog of particular interest. I always keep things light-hearted and try to inject a bit of humour into my writing. Life is too short for taking things too seriously. I find that this especially the case for travel.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comment sections of my posts. I’m always to delighted to hear from readers whether it’s to share ideas for new posts, pitch an idea for collaboration or even to complain about or correct something I wrote! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form. You can follow me on Instagram and subscribe to the blog using the form in the sidebar.

Happy travels and happy shooting!


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